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Ass. Prof. Mauricio Véliz-Campos

The Universidad de Talca, Chile

Presentation title: Cognitive and affective variables in (second language) learning.

Ass. Prof. Mauricio Véliz-Campos is an associate professor of applied linguistics, TESOL, and related courses at Universidad Andrés Bello. Head of School, Assistant Professor at Universidad de Talca. 20 plus years’ experience in higher education management, teaching, and research, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in some of the world’s and Latin America’s best universities (Universidad Andrés Bello, Stanford University, Universidad de Talca). Extensive experience developing and implementing academic projects eligible for public funding. Implemented several initiatives aimed to innovate in teacher education through CLIL methodologies and enhance faculty and student mobility. Active presenter at international EFL/ESL-related conferences. Research interests and publications include L2 assessment, critical issues in TESOL, language identity, the study of the various variables affecting English pronunciation learning at teacher education level, namely language aptitude, language learning strategies, and language motivation. Strong interpersonal and analytical skills; bilingual (Spanish/English); conversational French.

Highlighted Speakers

Prof. María Fátima Agüero

Prof. María Fátima Agüero is a Professor at Belgrano Day School, Argentina, teaching Cambridge Global Perspectives & Research, English Language and Literature. She holds a BA from Caece University and a certificate from Lancaster University in Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching. Her extensive experience in literacy was the basis for the research conducted on Phonics and EFL.

Dr. Alexandre Gareau

Dr. Alexandre Gareau, is a professor at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in technopedagogy. He has a doctorate from UQTR on the knowledge mobilized in teaching practices in science and technology at the elementary level. He continues his research on the integration of digital tools for teaching and learning purposes in elementary and secondary school classes in Quebec (Canada). His initial training in science and technology (S&T) teaching in secondary school also led him to take an interest in S&T didactics and to contribute to the initial training of teachers.

Prof. Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija

Prof. Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija is a full professor at Tel Aviv University. Currently, she heads the Jaimi & Joan Constantiner School of Education. She served, among other positions, as a department head, the Tel Aviv University Center for Teaching Advancement head, and as a member of the Council of Higher Education. She serves on several professional and advisory national and international committees.
Prof. Nasser-Abu Alhija completed her B.Sc. in general science (mathematics, chemistry, and biology) and M.A. in research methods, measurement, and statistics at Tel Aviv University, and Ph.D. in research methods, evaluation, measurement, and statistics at the University of Georgia, USA.

Prof. Diane Boothe

Prof. Diane Boothe is a Professor and Director of P-20 Outreach at Boise State University. She served as Dean of the College of Education at Boise State University from 2005-2014 and as Department Chair of Curriculum and Instruction and Professor at the University of West Georgia previously. She holds a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California and received the Fulbright International Education Administrators award in France. She has served on a variety of boards and has been featured as the keynote and plenary speaker at international and national conferences.

Past Speakers

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Liam O’Hare

Principal Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queens’ University Belfast

Presentation Title: Driving Educational Innovation Through Community and University Partnerships: Queen’s Innovation Zones

Dr Liam O’Hare has a substantial track record in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational programmes and social innovations. He is the Director of Queen’s community Innovation Zones and Director of STRIDE a social impact consultancy. His research focuses on developing educational innovations that improve health, wellbeing and learning outcomes for those in disadvantaged circumstances. He has conducted over 20 large randomised controlled trial evaluations of educational innovations. He has also co-designed several large-scale educational programmes with disadvantaged communities and practitioners such as: Crescendo an elementary school social learning programme; and SMART Spaces an evidence-based secondary school science revision programme.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Shila Panadgoo

School of Education, The university of Adelaide, Australia

Presentation Title: Smartphone assisted language learning (SALL)

Dr. Shila Panadgoo is a researcher and a PhD graduate from the University of Adelaide. She got her MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. She is a TEFL and CELTA certified educator. She has 5 years of EFL/ESL and EAP teaching experience in her working history, and she was a university lecturer in the Department of Languages at Islamic Azad University in Iran before commencing her PhD study. Dr Panadgoo has conducted several studies on the possibility of the use of smartphones for English language teaching and learning in EFL/ESL classrooms from pedagogical and attitudinal perspectives and she is cooperating with high-indexed journals as a reviewer. Dr Panadgoo has a great passion for research and her main research interests are educational technology, technology enhanced language teaching and learning, English language pedagogy, and technology acceptance.

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Dr. Maria Buccolo

(Sapienza University of Rome): Chief Editor

Dr. Maria Buccolo is PhD in “Design and Evaluation of Educational Processes” and adjunct professor of Educational Design and BES at La Sapienza University of Rome. Formerly a lecturer in pedagogical disciplines at several Italian universities, she is a trainer and consultant for several public and private organizations and teaches courses for educators, trainers and teachers of all school levels. She is the author of the following volumes: “L’educatore emozionale. Percorsi di alfabetizzazione emotiva per tutta la vita” (2019); “Formar-si alle professioni educative e formative. Università, lavoro e sviluppo dei talenti” (2015).

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Dr. Valerio Ferro Allodola

Allodola (eCampus University): Co-Editor in Chief

Dr. Valerio Ferro Allodola is Ph.D. in “Quality of Education” at the University of Florence and, currently, works with the Department of Health Sciences at the same university. The author has numerous publications to his credit, both essays in volumes and articles in journals in the field. His main research interests include: the training of health and care and the training of teachers through the application of innovative methods with a strong experiential imprint. He directs – together with Prof. Franco Blezza – the journal “Medical Humanities & Medicina Narrativa MHMN”.

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Dr. Rona Bušljeta Kardum

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb

Presentation Title: The Concept of European Dimension in Education.

Dr. Rona Bušljeta Kardum, PhD is an Assistant Professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Croatian Studies. At the Faculty of Croatian Studies, Department of Educational Sciences, she is the lecturer in charge of several core as well as elective courses.  She presented different papers at many scientific conferences in Croatia and abroad and published scientific articles in domestic and international journals. She is the co-author of three school textbooks which are currently used in primary and secondary schools and the co-author of a university handbook. During her professional career she spent some research time at Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany and Georg-Eckert-Institut für Internationale Schulbuchforschung, Germany. She also participated in the development and implementation of the lifelong program of Pedagogical-Psychological-Didactic-Methodological Teacher Education and developed a program of Methodological Teacher Training and Skill Improving of University Teachers and Associates. Under the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia she was elected as a member of a workgroup for School History Curriculum (2015 –2016) as well as a member of a workgroup for program implemetation of new school subject curriculums named School for Life (2018 – 2020). Currently she is a member of national workgroup for BAQUAL – Better Academic Qualifications through Quality Assurance – program supported and developed by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia which aims to encourage the application of the qualifications framework in higher education.

Her research interest includes educational theories, lifelong education, teaching methodology, curriculum, and all aspects of developing and researching textbooks.

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Dr. Lukas Carey

Lived Experience Academic – Independent Scholar

Presentation Title: ‘Nothing more authentic than having lived something’ - The importance of lived experience in education and educational research.

Dr. Lukas Carey completed his Doctorate in education and has worked in the field for most of his career as a coach, teacher, trainer and educator. While filling a role in the Australian local government he was charged with and convicted of receiving secret commissions and served time in prison. During and since Lukas’ incarceration, he developed a strong interest in the role that previously incarcerated people have in the development of policy and procedure in the justice system concerned with education and post-release employment. He is a strong advocate for the importance of Lived Experience in education and has developed and is an advocate for Lived Experience ‘Doordook Koorliny’ Criminology.

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Assist. Prof. Güliz Turgut Dost

English Language Teaching (ELT) Department, Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Turkey

Presentation Title: "Being a Researcher in the Modern Era: Challenges, trends and projections".

Güliz Turgut Dost obtained her M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees in Curriculum & Instruction from Boston College, USA. During her studies she worked at Practicum Office and a federally-funded teacher training project. She delivered training sessions to undergraduate teacher candidates and developed exemplary lesson plans, training materials and presentations. She contributed to the filming and production of a training video about vocabulary teaching strategies. She also worked as a Technology Assistant and helped academic personelle resolve technological issues. In her thesis she investigated how one-to-one laptop program was implemented in ESL classrooms in an urban school and the factors that contributed to its sustainability. In 2013, she started working as the Assist. Director at School of Foreign Languages at Aydın Adnan Menderes University. She revamped the curricula, teaching materials and assessment tools. Currently, she has been teaching in the ELT Department. Her research interests include teacher education, literacy, and computer assisted language learning/teaching.

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Dr. Mauricio Véliz-Campos

Dr. Mauricio Véliz-Campos is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Universidad de talca, Chile. He earned his doctoral degree in TESOL and Education from Exeter University, England. His research interests include the study of the various cognitive factors affecting English language learning and pronunciation learning at teacher education level, namely language aptitude, working memory, language learning strategies, and language motivation

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Dr. María José Latorre-Medina

Dr. María José Latorre-Medina holds a Ph.D. in Pedagogy from the University of Granada, Spain. She is an Associate Professor of Teaching and School Organization. She is a member of the Research Group “Training, Development and Teaching
Activity” (FYDAD). Her areas of research are professional knowledge, teacher training and quality education.

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Prof. Beazidou Bogiatzi Eleftheria

Prof. Beazidou Bogiatzi Eleftheria has a PhD, MSc, Assistant Professor in Social Pedagogy at department of Special Education, University of Thessaly, Greece. She interests in Promoting the Rights and wellbeing of Children. So, her research work deals with the social pedagogical issues in education. The most of her publications are articles in various peer-reviewed journals.

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Ass. Prof. Sabah Abdullah Al-Somali

Sabah Abdullah Al-Somali is an associate professor in Management Information Systems, King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia. Her current research interests include e-learning, decision support systems, business intelligence and data analytics. She has published a good number of articles in refereed journals and has presented numerous papers at international
conferences worldwide.

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Mrs. Tran Kim Tuyen

Mrs. Tran Kim Tuyen graduated from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, majoring in English Linguistics and Literature. And she continued her master degree of TESOL at Victoria University, Australia. She has been working as a tenured lecturer at Department of Foreign Languages, HUFLIT, Vietnam and teaching as an active and inspiring English lecturer for fifteen years.

Mrs. Sofia Kasola

Mrs. Sofia Kasola is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education and a researcher of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Lifelong Education of the University of Patras. Her research interests are in Adults’ Education, recognition of prior learning, assessing methods in education, and management in educational organizations.

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Dr. Aina Maria Galmés Panadés

Dr. Aina Maria Galmés Panadés has a degree in Sports Science, a PhD in Public Health and high-prevalence diseases, is a lecturer in Primary Education at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). She is a member of the research group in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (GICAFE).

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Dr Liam O’Hare

Dr Liam O’Hare is a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. He is an expert in the design, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based programmes within disadvantaged community and school settings. He is Director of Queen’s Innovation Zones community/university partnerships.

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Dr. Hanadi Abu Ahmad

Dr. Hanadi Abu Ahmad is a lecturer in the Special Education and Learning Disabilities Departments at the Academic Arab College for Education-Israel. Her studies focus on reading acquisition in Arabic, promoting language skills among learning disabled students, and enhancing social and emotional competencies (SEL) among teachers using the simulation tool.

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Dr. Wong Pui Man Molly

Dr. Wong Pui Man Molly received the Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship and the Dorothy Hodgkin Postgradute Award (DHPA) and obtained her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Prior to her PhD study, she received her undergraduate training in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and later completed her MPhil study in The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wong has over 10 years of tertiary teaching experience in universities. She is experienced in teaching biochemistry, physiology, medical ethics and humanities in local universities, and previously received an Outstanding Teaching Award (“Good Teacher Award”) in 2012. She was a Lecturer and Honorary Assistant Professor in The University of Hong Kong before she joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wong is currently a Lecturer in the School of Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is dedicated to the teaching profession and has devoted time to teaching a wide range of courses in School of Biomedical Sciences and Faculty of Medicine. Her research interests currently lie in anatomy, physiology and bioethics education, and development of engaged pedagogical approaches for teaching and learning of anatomy, physiology and bioethics.

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Prof. Dr. Flávio Henrique Batista de Souza

Prof. Dr. Flávio Henrique Batista de Souza,is PhD and MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Graduated in Information Systems at Faculdade Infórium de Tecnologia. Currently, University Professor at Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (UNIBH) and UNA. Advisor in Ânima. Reviewer of the IEEE Access Journal and RBEM (Revista Brasileira de Ensino Médico). Researcher on Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Applications focused on Health Care. Participant in the Professional Ethics Committee of the Belo Horizonte University Center (UNIBH). Google Education Certified Trainer and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

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Dr. Gregory R. MacKinnon

Dr. Gregory R. MacKinnon, PhD is a Professor of Science & Technology Education at the School of Education at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the Coordinator of MEd Programs and, at the undergraduate level, the Chairperson for International Practicum Placements. His research includes constructivist science curriculum development, technology in classrooms and international development.

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Dr. Rebecca Heaton

Dr. Rebecca Heaton is an Assistant Professor in Visual and Performing Arts at The National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, in Singapore. Her research concerns cognition, art, technology, and education, and a recent publication is: Cognition in Art Education, British Educational Research Journal (2021)

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Dr. Heather Hemming

Dr. Heather Hemming is a Professor of Education at Acadia University, Nova Scotia Canada. Heather obtained her PhD from Dalhousie University. She is currently the Acadia coordinator of the Inter-University PhD programme in Educational Studies. Her current research interests include curriculum development, educational leadership and change, and assessment. In the past five years the majority of her research projects have involved collaborations with regional partners in the Caribbean and Guyana.

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Assistant Professor. Cláudia Faria

Assistant Professor Cláudia Faria is an at the Institute of Education at the University of Lisbon. She holds a PhD in Biology and a PhD in Science Education, both from the University of Lisbon. Her present research is related to the development of innovative science teaching and learning strategies in formal and non-formal contexts.

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Dr. Shila Panadgoo

Dr. Shila Panadgoo obtained her PhD in Education from the University of Adelaide in 2022. She was a university lecturer in the Department of Languages at Islamic Azad University in Iran before commencing her PhD study. Shila’s main research interests are educational technology, technology enhanced language teaching and learning, English language pedagogy, and technology acceptance.

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Dr. Shqipe Haxhihyseni

Dr. Shqipe Haxhihyseni is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education at “Aleksandër Moisiu” University Durrës, since 2019. She is a lecturer in the Master’s Degree Programs, for the subjects of ‘Curriculum Development’ and ‘Teaching methodology”, also her fields of research. She has 20 years of prior experience in pre-university education.

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Dr. Cynthia Hou

Dr. Cynthia Hou is an Assistant Professor working in the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In the past six years, she has honed her research abilities from working on a variety of research projects with her experience and expertise in building performance evaluation and facilities management. Her versatile and research-led approach to teaching, featuring interactive and creative perspectives, is well received by her peers and students. She has recently adopted VR technologies in her teaching of green built environment design and heritage building conservation.

Dr. Faizan Dastgeer

Dr. Faizan Dastgeer’s research interest was largely focused towards the Efficiency of DC Power Distribution Systems for about a decade (2009 – 2019). Ever since 2020, his research interests have shifted towards Animate Prime Movers as well as the Psychological/Behavioral perks achievable via animal/equine assisted activities.

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Dr. Fahad Alzahrani

Dr. Fahad Alzahrani is an assistant professor of applied linguistics at University of Tabuk. He has over +10 years of teaching and research experience within Saudi Arabia and overseas. His major research interests revolve around the connections between linguistic form, meaning, and function in discourse. Furthermore, he is interested in quality assurance, quality management, performance management and innovation and strategic management.

Dr. Valerio Ferro Allodola

Dr. Valerio Ferro Allodola, PhD in Education, is currently PhD Student in Biomedical Science at University of Florence. His research field is medical education and teachers professional development. He founded and directs the Journal «Medical Humanities & Medicina Narrativa – MHMN». In February 2022 he obtained the SIPED Italian Pedagogy Award.

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Ms. Joana Dg. Quinto

Ms. Joana Dg. Quinto is a professional teacher. Since joining the Far Eastern University- Diliman, Quinto has been involved with mathematics and research studies. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education (scholar of the Department of Science and Technology, Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) – National Consortium for Graduate Science and Mathematics Education (NCGSME).) from Central Luzon State University. Ms. Quinto is currently taking Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education- Mathematics. She handles several courses related to mathematics in the undergraduate programs, and she had published several studies.

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Ms. Noraini Abdul Latiff

Ms. Noraini Abdul Latiff is a doctoral student at the Department of Educational Management, Planning and Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Possessing approximately a decade of work experience, Noraini was an Assistant Director attached with the Policy Sector (International Unit), Teacher Professionalism Division, Malaysia Ministry of Education. She has been handling international policy and exchange programmes.

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Mr. Radu Burdujan

Mr. Radu Burdujan, PhD in Educational Sciences, Assoc. Prof., at Chair of Foreign Languages and Literatures within the Faculty of Philology, Tiraspol State University, Republic of Moldova. His research focuses on English teaching, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and Intercultural Education. The reviewer at the International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research.

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Ms. Zaruhi Soghomonyan

Ms. Zaruhi Soghomonyan completed her PhD studies in the field of Germanic Languages and is currently pursuing her DBA in Higher Education Management in the University of Bath, UK. She has been teaching different disciplines from 2007. She is an author of a number of articles. Her professional interests include teaching, assessment, higher education management, quality assurance, etc.

Mr. David O’Donovan

Mr. David O’Donovan has been employed professionally in the area of youth work education and practice since 1984. He currently works in University College Cork where he teaches reflective practice and assesses practitioners engaged in courses related to Youth and Community work.

Mrs. Io Valls-Ratés

Mrs. Io Valls-Ratés is a predoctoral researcher at the GrEP research group (studies on prosody) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Her research focuses on public speaking anxiety and virtual reality training. She teaches oral communication and offers training sessions to teachers to include more oracy in the classroom.